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I ordered two more rolls of Electronet from Premier. Now I have four 164′ sections of netting. Now, I can give the sheep a pretty big rectangle, and not have to move it so often. It also gives them a more comfortable grazing section, that’s not so cramped. I like for them to be able to do a bit of walking each day.

As you can see, I can never manage to string the fencing in a straight line! It is really hard to do!

Now that it’s up, I realize it’s about as large as I’d want to go, because it takes the LGD some time to sprint around the perimeter. If it were any bigger, she’d have trouble covering the outside to ward off coyotes.

The downside is I think the twelve volt battery is pretty maxed out trying to charge this length of fence. I now have to mow the strip where the fencing goes, to keep it from shorting out too much on the wet grass. I need to do some testing to see how  much voltage is on the fence- I suspect very little. I was testing it on myself, but I got jolted enough a few weeks ago from it that now I’m reluctant to do that again. Fortunately, the sheep and Bronte are pretty respectful of the fence, so won’t  likely notice if it’s not hot. So the only desire I have is that coyotes would get shocked if they tried to go through it, if they manage to make it past the dog and the llama.


From the angle in the second photo, you can see the transition of grass already grazed on the left to the new section I opened up for them on the right. I have been making them graze the grass down to about 3-4″ before I let them move on to a new rectangle.

2 thoughts on “New Electronet

  1. Sheila Z says:

    I have a large backyard I’d like to fence and get a couple of goats to add to the various poultry I already have. I’m just curious, in your experience does the Premier fencing work as a permanent fence and does it work for mixed species running together? I live in the Northeast. I suspect the fencing doesn’t work so well in the snow and ice.

  2. workingcollies says:

    Hi Sheila
    Premier has a lot of info on their website; and they sell a sturdier style of Electronet that’s meant for more permanent applications. I would imagine it should short out in deep snow though? As far as mixed species, like poultry and goats, I bet they’d be fine. I think combinations like that are often complimentary.

    Good luck!

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