PTK 21020

Offered for sale as a proven, purebred, registered Katahdin ram $450

I bought two rams from Caleb Pirc in 2021, and have since procured some new rams, so I’m letting one of them go! This is a long- and deep-bodied ram that holds condition well, and he is gentle and curious. His growth and prolificacy EBVs are modest, but where he really shines is his milk score and parasite resistance.  I don’t usually report FEC EBVs because I don’t do FECs on my own stock. But Caleb did, so this guy’s scores are more accurate. I used him for breeding in fall of 2021 and he is a proven sire and a good breeder, and threw some nice lambs.

Pedigree traces back to Birch Cove Farm (David Coplen, Missouri), Fahrmeier Katahdins (Missouri), KRK (Karen Kenagy, Oregon) and some other local genetics, plus a ram Caleb bought from me in 2018. He brings some nice out-of state genetics and diversity to the PNW. He has shed 90% since this photo was taken, just has a few bits left on his back and pants. I can send updated photos if desired.

Photo taken July 2023. EBVs reflect 2023 EPWWT data lamb crop data. He has been NSIP genotyped and he is NSIP Maternal Certified. He is ready to go to a new home and start breeding a big flock of ewes today.

0.378 0.956 1.060 4% 13% 0.396 1.952 123.82 103.55
PTK 21020
Twin birth
DOB: 4/15/21
QR at Codon 171
TC OPP Susceptible 
BC D 749-33 FAH 12-118 WSK4298
FAH 11-013
BC Z 087-32 BC X 301
BC T 77-22
PTK19071 KMC18037 KMC7045
BC C 298
PTK18049 KRK7202