Pumping Out the Valley

fencepostsemergingThey must have turned on the pump station last night, because this morning there is a good 1-2 feet less water in our pasture. I can see fence posts, gates, nursery trees and the sheep shelters emerging. And the road is reappearing, now it looks like maybe only a 100-foot stretch is still under water. We saw a man out there wading in it with hip waders on, to see how deep it goes. It seemed to still be crotch-deep to him in the middle. People are starting to drive large tractors through it to access their homes. The road is much higher than the pasture though, so I think the pasture still has about three feet of water.

Our fence, from what I can see so far, looks good. Maybe a few T-posts bent, but the gate posts all held with their concrete feet. Though things could be worse in a dike breach, I’m glad to see that in a normal over-topping, the design seemed to have held up.

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