Can I have a lamb processed for XX date for a celebration?

This usually doesn’t work out unless there is lucky timing. If you don’t want to do your own butchering, we can send your lamb to the local custom-exempt butcher shop in town, where they can process it any way you like. But the butcher shops are very, very busy most of the year. We schedule our fall and winter slaughter dates months in advance. We usually only send one batch of lambs per month. Many of those spots are pre-sold months in advance. So usually a lot of planning-ahead is needed to line up one of these dates with your celebration needs. Occasionally, luck is on the customer’s side, and a last-minute request coincides with a butcher date we already had on the books, we have room on that date to add an order, and we have a lamb that fits the customer’s weight request. You can see, a lot of planets have to align for this to work out! So, it’s worth asking, but don’t get your hopes up! 🙂

In spring and summer, it’s easier to get a butcher date. But, it’s expensive to drive the slaughter truck out here for one lamb. So, it’s most affordable to get on a “batch” order where we’re already sending a bunch of lambs on one day.