What options do you have for Halal slaughter?

Though there is great demand for Halal meat in our region, the market has not yet caught up to offer enough services to meet the demand.  Your main option is to butcher your own animal so you can ensure it is done completely in the Halal way.

There is one licensed Halal butcher in our area, but the facility has complicated logistics (because it’s a USDA inspected facility) and is not our main vendor. It’s not practical for us or them to arrange for an appointment of one lamb drop-off at this facility. If a customer can pool orders with friends or family to create an order of six or more lambs, we can make a special drop-off appointment at that facility, with advanced planning. There is little flexibility in the processing there: all the lambs in the order must be processed the same way, there is no option to grind meat, and the product is dispensed fresh in one big bag/box, not frozen. One customer must be able to pick up the whole order at an appointed time in the afternoon and pay in cash for the service (no credit card processing is available). And, the customers must be prepared to do some more processing, bagging and freezing at home. This facility does a great job and it can be a good option for folks who can create a big order by organizing with friends. But it’s a fairly high-volume facility that relies on efficiency of scale to stay profitable and stay in business. Plus, USDA-inspected facilities follow strict governmental rules that specify everything from how the live lambs are handled and housed to who can enter the facility when and where and in what clothing. So, in order to preserve our opportunity to go there, we must be very respectful of their time and make the work profitable for it to make sense for them to keep accommodating us.

The third option is to evaluate what portions of the Halal way are most important, and be willing to yield on some aspects, as long as the general spirit is met. We can arrange for our custom-exempt butcher to do the throat-cut, rather than a gun-kill. Though in practicality, there is little physiological difference in the methods. The slaughter truck has variable timing in arrival, so we can’t accommodate the customer waiting here to be present at the time of slaughter for the act of prayer. Know that the animals are healthy, have been raised in a natural environment on grass, and are handled gently and with respect and thankfulness at the moment of slaughter, and that the kill is swift and accurate. Patronizing local family businesses for the raising and slaughter of your lamb is a much stronger guarantee of healthy animals and respectful treatment from birth to slaughter. Versus purchasing from a high-volume commercial supply chain that labels their product “Halal”, where there aren’t likely process controls in place to ensure the true spirit of Halal. Sometimes the practice and mindset are more meaningful than a label.