Computer fixed!

I posted a bunch of half-done blogs today, as my computer is fixed again! Hallelujah! The HP help dude in India was wrong, I didn’t need a new hard drive, just a working CD drive to read the Windows boot disk to repair one of the windows boot files. But, I had bought a new hard drive just in case, so now I have to see if I can return it!

I bought new RAM while I was at it, can’t wait to experience the improved speed, as the box was feeling pretty sluggish lately compared to what I have at work!

I still have some fixing left to do: my wireless printer connection got blown away during the repair, and the new CD drive, though it worked well when the computer was half-defunct, it’s misbehaving now that Windows is fully up, so I have to fix that too. But, I’m glad to have my ‘puter back, I’ve been waiting a whole week to balance my checkbook in Quicken! :-0

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