KMC 21015

Offered for sale as a purebred, registered  Katahdin ram $425

Really striking dark mahogany (nearly black) ram with black legs and face. Very substantial body, muscling and scrotal circumference, and tall stature. He has positive and balanced EBVs across the board, but nothing too extreme, just a solid 50-60 percenter dude. Sired by a framey, dark chocolate ram from Birch Cove Farm (David Coplen, Missouri) and a badger-colored dam also from Birch Cove. Tracing back to some other O.G. NSIP flocks: Fahrmeier and Ginapp, total outcross genetics for the PNW. He has a Texel way back in his pedigree somewhere, as his paternal grandsire was a 87.5% upgrade, so we get a little hybrid vigor in there as well. He should throw lots of interesting colors. I used this ram for 2021 fall breeding, so he’ll have connectedness if moved to another NSIP flock. I’ve purchased some new ram genetics and have a lot of his relatives here, so it’s time for this guy to move along.

Photo from November 2021.  EBVs from 2021 lamb crop EPWWT data and includes the new Genomics run calculations , and this ram is genotyped himself. NSIP is currently not reporting the USA HAIR index, until it can be updated with the new Genomics calculations.  This ram is ready to go to a new home today.

0.411 1.842 2.617 11% 12% 0.045 0.401 117.26
KMC 21015
Singe birth (raised as a twin)
DOB: 4/7/21
RR at codon 171
PP horn genes (polled)
TC OPP gene (susceptible)
BC H 974 BC E 856-32 FAH15-007
BC W 74022
BC Z 095-13 BC Z X301
BC C 279 FAH12-118 WSK4298
BC Z 104-13 CMG10019
BC Y 2-33


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