KMC 21056

Offered for sale as a purebred, register-able  Katahdin eweamb $275

Cute little white ewe with red markings. She’s a triplet out of an older ewe, so will likely need to grow out til next year before she breeds. She’s got modest growth but stellar prolificacy and milk, these are strong maternal genetics. I’m keeping her sibling, and don’t usually keep both out of a set of twins or triplets, so this is a good opportunity to grab some genetics I normally wouldn’t let go. She is NSIP Maternal Certified.

This ewelamb’s sire is a very strong ram from David Coplen (Birch Cove Farm, Missouri). This sire has a Texel thee generations back. David’s crossing-in benefits us with heterosis and the double-muscling gene from Texels. The tradeoff is some setback in shedding, but this is easily recovered from in subsequent generations.  Her sire is an upgrade, a B coat, but most of his offspring are good shedders; and this ewelamb can be fully registered.  On her maternal side, she traces to Birch Cove (David Coplen, MO) and local KRK genetics.

Photo from November 2021. EBVs from 2021 lamb crop EPWWT data and includes the new Genomics run calculations (though this ewe isn’t genotyped herself). NSIP is currently not reporting the USA HAIR index, until it can be updated with the new Genomics calculations.  This ewelamb is exposed to a ram starting Nov 8th, and is ready to go to a new home any time.

0.040 1.246 1.899 17% 17% 0.361 1.361 123.07
KMC 21056
Triplet birth
DOB: 4/14/21
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
BC H 973 (87.5%) BC G 933-22 (75%) BC F 985-22 (50% Texel)
BC D 341-22
BC D 337-22 FAH 12-118
BC A 146-21 (75%)
KMC6098 KMC5088 WRN006
BC C 298
MRL315 KRK2123RR


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