KMC 21090

Offered for sale as a commercial/pet Katahdin ewe $275

This pretty 2-year old mahogany girl with a brockle face is a good mama with a really high milk score who raises beefy lambs. I’ve decided to sell her because her growth, prolificacy and index EBVs are on the lower end of my spread. She has also had vaginal prolapse two years in a row. This is not always a dealbreaker for me, I usually catch it right when it presents itself, it takes 10 minutes to get a spoon and harness on them, and they are usually fine and lamb normally. But prolapse is lowly heritable and can recur, so I won’t be selling her with her registration papers. She can go to a pet home, or to a vigilant home who can manage her properly in subsequent breedings (careful nutrition and being ready to harness if needed). She can go to a new home late June when her lamb is weaned, or with her white ram lamb sooner for an extra fee.