Fencing Done

FencingDone I don’t like to count a task finished until I’m really done- tools put away and everything. But I can pretty much say I’m done fencing the center field. At least, I was able to move the sheep into it at the end of September. I had a few lingering details left to finish, like filling in some nasty ankle-twister holes in the field and adjusting a gate that didn’t ride smoothly. I’ve done those now.

One little thing I still want to do is make short fence sections that go partway across the drainage ditch between the two fenced fields, such that when I open the gates from both fields towards each other, they create a  complete lane between fields. I  hung the gates on diagonally opposing posts across from each other, just with that purpose in mind. That will ensure that when moving skittish animals between the fields, I won’t have any get the brilliant idea of wedging in between the fence and the ditch and getting somewhat stuck there, or falling in the ditch, as has happened before. Then I can also let Bronte wander both fields, to keep the coyotes from thinking they can encroach in the far field while its uninhabited by sheep.

I have to admit, I haven’t quite put away all the tools, but maybe now that I’ve said that, I’ll get it done today! It’s nice to have that project crossed off the list, and to be able to take a break from fencing for a while and switch to some other projects. Maybe some indoor projects. Since the house was moved three years ago, I/we have done little to the inside to improve it aesthetically, or finish the upstairs. Often I’ll run into a friend somewhere and they’ll ask, “so, is the house all finished now?” and I have to acknowledge that no, it’s not even close, and that we probably should get on that! 😉 Ah, priorities!

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