How Does Your Garden Grow?


Our garden beds are looking pretty good. We have pole peas that are already about three feet tall, and blooming. Carrots, beans, lettuce, green onions, cilantro, and Brussels sprouts are all coming in well. I just got in from weeding and fertilizing everything this morning. We also have potatoes planted on the sandy hillside, looking nice; along with strawberries and tomatoes.

We’ve been getting some volunteer lambs quarter (white goosefoot), which grows here like a weed (though not rampantly). I learned from my grandmother that my great grandmother in North Dakota used to incorporate lambs quarter into salads. I have tried it before, and it’s good- it has a flavor a little like spinach. So, I’ve been keeping the volunteer plants when they are conveniently placed in the garden. The only challenge will be to keep them pruned down, as  they get quite leggy on their own.


Kirk had tried some unusual heritage brands of carrots, and they are coming in, finally, but very slowly. That garden bed looked meager, so I just added some more beans, and also some cucumbers, to them to help fill them out. Sadly, last night we forgot the sprinkler on, way too long. That same bed got completely flooded, and it doesn’t drain as well as the first two beds. I hope things survive there, but they definitely took a hit. 🙁

How is you garden growing this spring?

2 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. jomegat says:

    With silver bells and…

    I have a tremendously small garden. One 4’x4′ plot. I have two acres, and of that 85% is forest. I like the trees, so the garden is necessarily small, and really, just something for me to play around with. This year I am planting what the Native Americans called the three sisters” – corn, beans, and squash. I planted all three at the same time and then read that that was the wrong way to do it. The beans and squash should not be planted until the corn is 4″ tall. So as they sprouted, I uprooted them. Only half the corn came up, so I replanted the empty spots. I’ll plant the beans and squash again when the corn reaches the prescribed height. Or I will plant them at the end of June – whichever comes first! It’s a good thing this garden is not necessary for my survival.

    • workingcollies says:

      Cool- I like the idea of the three sisters and may try that in the future! Let us know how it turns out!

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